Celebrating our Inspiration

Every February we celebrate my late mom, Shirley. Because of her, Pure Energy Apothecary exists. Because of her, I have the joy and pleasure of working side by side with my daughter and niece every single day. Because of her, we make a difference one product at a time. I'm so grateful YOU make it possible for us to make an impact. 

Love & Light, 


This past February 1st would have been Shirley's 88th earthly birthday! She and our co-founder, Sarah were best friends for 18 years, and the joy they shared together was endless - this old photo is a perfect reminder of that pure joy!

Do you know why we do what we do?

In 2017, Shirley, then 83-years-old, received her 5th life-threatening diagnosis, Parkinson’s Disease on top of Alzheimer’s Disease (with a history of two bouts of breast cancer, multiple skin cancers, and lung cancer). The cause is still unknown, but skincare was mom’s only vice.

Learning how quickly what we apply to our skin can reach our bloodstream Dawn was on a mission to find truly non-toxic, effective skincare and body care that wasn't overpriced; the search seemed impossible. Dawn knew there had to be a better, cleaner, more affordable option and Pure Energy Apothecary was born. 

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