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I have extremely sensitive dry skin. Every other lotion I have used has aggravated my eczema. I have tried many many natural lotion products that haven't helped. This lotion healed it 100% within a week of starting it.

Lindsay Kittell

My skin feels so smooth and smells so wonderful!! Using a combo of the body butter. Body lotion and salt scrub and I'm in heaven.!! Great job.

Ally Marie Burbo

I saw your segment on WCAX! I too have eczema, and it has been worse than usual this summer. After less than a week of using your lotion my eczema is almost completely gone!!! I do not get results like this from prescriptions! Thank you so much for such a terrific product!!!!! ❤️ I’m telling everyone I know!!!!

Amy Andrus Tallman

I recently picked up lavender body butter for my rough/dry heals. I have used it 3 nights w socks. You can see the difference. Thank you!!

Alison Jackman

Not often do I brag about a product... but for years I have struggled with dry, cracked heels. And believe me- I’ve tried it all! ... A Vermont based company, I had to try. After 3 consecutive evenings of applying this product and wearing socks- what a difference! I am so thankful for having found this product. I have experienced painful large and deep splits almost making it unbearable to walk. I was constantly having to apply band aids. Thank you for creating such a life changing product!

Chelsea Reed

This is seriously the best lotion I have ever used, I use it every morning and night and my skin always feels very moisturized but it doesn't leave my clothes and anything else I come in contact with all greasy like other all natural lotions I have used.

Claire Curtis

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