Hand Therapy for Gardeners

Dirty hands from gardening

Landscaping, planting, pruning, and gardening are such healing activities for our bodies and minds. 

Some of us may avoid it because we don’t want to get our hands dirty or we have over done it and our dry, cracked hands are proof we’ve been playing in the dirt. 

Wearing garden gloves is a simple way to protect our hands yet sometimes it’s easier to perform the task or we just need to feel the earth on our skin and forgo the gloves.  

Have you ever noticed after working in the soil that your hands are extremely dry? The dry soil is looking for every bit of moisture it can find (especially dry potting mix/bagged soil).  Your hands can be a great source of moisture and that soil is going to take it leaving you dry and looking for moisture!  If you are working with fertilizer, compost, skin irritating plants, in the wind, or the sun your hands will pay extra for those too! 

If you're an avid gardener, this skincare routine will help clean your nails and hands and give you the deep moisturizing you need to keep your hands supple all season:

  • Take time to maintain your nails before you hit the dirt! Short and neatly trimmed will be the easiest to care for. 
  • Drag your nails across a bar of natural, cold-pressed soap leaving the soap beneath your nails. Then moisturize your hands with a nourishing lotion or whipped butter before you begin your gardening tasks.

1 - Get the dirt out from under your fingernails!

  • bathroom-sink
    Using a nail or clean toothbrush gently scrub your nails with warm water and natural, cold-pressed soap. Use the brush to gently scrub any embedded dirt from your hands (choosing natural, cold-pressed soap won’t dry out your skin).
  • If it’s been a really long day planting, pruning, gardening you may want to consider a few minutes treating yourself to a warm (not hot) hand soak.  It’s easier than it sounds, a big bowl or pot, warm (not hot) soapy water (use a mild soap like Pure Energy Apothecary Pure Soap) and a few minutes of quieting your mind, appreciating your hard work.

2 - Salt Scrub

Salt ScrubNext, a plant-based, sea salt scrub is great for removing toxins and the rest of the embedded dirt the brush may have missed. It’s also a great way to moisturize, minimize dry flakey skin, and improve circulation. 
    • Keep it clean and simple with Pure Energy Apothecary Sea Salt Scrub - scent of your choice. Our Sea Salt Scrub is naturally exfoliating and detoxifying. With active plant ingredients to nourish, hydrate, improve elasticity, plus rich in vitamins and minerals offers natural healing power it soothes and heals rough dry skin.

    3 - Moisturize

    moisturizing hands

    Gift yourself even more moisture with a nourishing lotion or whipped butter and a gentle hand massage - after that hard work, you deserve it!

    • Gently pat your hands dry with a soft towel and thoroughly massage with your favorite Pure Energy Apothecary moisturizing All-Purpose Lotion or Whipped Butter. Pamper yourself with our nutrient rich, decadent hydration, and active plant ingredients. Our products jam packed with healing ingredients like aloe vera (also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory), super powered moisturizers like cocoa and shea butter and emollients to seal the deal including meadowfoam seed oil plus vitamins A, B, B2, B6, C, D, E, K

    4 - Keep it up!

    Hydration Bundle

    For everyday healthy hands:

    • Wear gloves when it suits you. 
    • Sunscreen is your friend.
    • Use a gentle and moisturizing soap like Pure Energy Apothecary Pure Soap
    • Pure Energy Apothecary Sea Salt Scrub weekly 
    • Pure Energy Apothecary All Purpose Lotion after hand washing
    • Pure Energy Apothecary Whipped Butter or Cocoa Butter Lip Balm (yes! It’s not just for lips and is great for cuticles!). 
    • As you water your plants make sure you are hydrating yourself too. Remember, you need more watering than they do!

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