Making a Difference

As a small, woman-owned company, which has yet to receive any stimulus, I often ask myself, "How can we make a difference"? Then our Pure Energy Apothecary branded gear launched and we discovered a new tool!

Pure Good Apparel
So many of you have asked, how do you get your own Pure Gear, and that's how we make a difference together. Your purchase of a Pure Energy Apothecary branded hat and/or mask touches the world in three ways!

1. We will donate 100% of your Pure Gear purchase to the Williston Community Food Shelf

2. Your purchase also supports the long-standing Vermont business who makes our branded gear.

3. We are beyond humbled by your Pure Pride and participation.

Spread the word, food insecurity is at an all-time high and every little bit we do helps our neighbors.

Be the energy that makes a difference...Pure Energy!

Stay safe, be well & know we are grateful for you!

Dawn & Sarah

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