Pure Energy Changed Her Life

A few weeks ago, Lindsay, a customer we had never met, gave us a 5-star review on Facebook and shared how our lotion had made a huge difference on her skin. We thought, "oh isn't that nice!"

But then we saw the pictures...

...and we were brought to tears.

Lindsay shared how she had had severe eczema on all of her body, especially her arms and hands for several years. In fact, her eczema was SO bad that she would always wear long-sleeved shirts (even in the summer!) because she was embarrassed to show her arms. She described her eczema as always burning, hot, red and oozing.

The ONLY thing that ever helped was cortisone cream.

Obviously, Lindsay knew that regular use of cortisone is not a great idea.

So she had tried what she called "natural" lotions (her air quotes) and chose one that was well known and a bit pricey, but she thought she was choosing the best.

One day, she ran out of her lotion and while shopping at a local health food store, she ran into our display. Because our displays always have tester lotions in the front, she went ahead and tried them. She picked Vanilla Cream as her favorite scent and brought it home.

She thought it was interesting that within a few days her arms were feeling better.

After a week, the eczema was completely GONE!

She didn't connect the dots with the Pure Energy lotion at first. She thought maybe it was the change in weather, but she kept on using her Vanilla Cream lotion. When she finally ran out, she bought her old "natural" lotion again.

And guess what happened... the eczema started to come back!

Then she knew for sure. She went back to the store and bought some more Pure Energy Vanilla Cream lotion. As she expected, the eczema retreated again and has not come back.

Now that she knew the improvement was a result of the Pure Energy lotion, she decided to look closely at the ingredients and compare them to her old lotion. That's when she realized the difference. She said,

"I noticed Pure Energy was made with ingredients I recognized... but my other "natural" lotion had things I had no idea what they were, and even had things like alcohol, which can't be great for the skin."

Lindsay says this is the first summer in many years when she's been able to wear short sleeved shirts!

She says that continued use is even helping to heal the scars from the eczema, and reduce the visibility of the discoloration in her skin.

We are SO inspired and grateful for Lindsay's story. The Pure Energy team didn't set out to create a lotion that would have any deliberate health claims. Rather, we were simply wanting to offer a truly natural, good quality product made with love.

Lindsay's story reminds us all of the power of pure nature-made ingredients mixed with a little love.

In Lindsay's case, nature + love have been clearly healing.

Thank you, Lindsay! We hope your story might help others who are suffering with painful, hot, itchy or burning skin.

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