The BEST Anti-Aging Products

Ok, we're going to do this - we are talking about one of my biggest pet peeves, anti-aging products

Anti-Aging Lies

My entire life, and probably yours too, brands, marketers, and retailers have all told us to be a beautiful woman we must look as young as possible, have perfect skin, and zero wrinkles - wrinkles are BAD! 🙄

According to today's online dating world, a woman reaches her peak attractiveness between the ages of 18 - 25 while a man is still desirable at 50+.


 We've all heard how men get better with age, and somehow we women, well, we are dismissed and moved to the insignificant file. Agism is real. 

Feeding on a women's learned fear of aging, brands, marketers, and retailers have led us to believe we must invest in ridiculous skincare regimens, inject our faces with poisonous chemicals, and cut away the face we were born with to keep everything as tight, wrinkle-free, and as young-looking as possible.

At 53, I've lived enough life to learn that, while I wish time would slow down, I don't want to stop aging - I want to age healthy, and live as long as I can.  I no longer carry the beauty of my youth - but I'm a new beautiful now. A beautiful that tells my story, lines that show how you've made me smile, eyes - that at times - give me away and prove the life of a self-funded entrepreneur is not always full of enough sleep, enough water or enough exercise. My face shows you freckles and beauty marks that show my love for the outdoors, lake life, time with family, friends, and bare feet in the grass. I don't want to ANTI any of that - I don't want to ANTI-live any part of my life. 

If you've been using skincare for any length of time, you are probably still looking for that fountain of youth that the brands, marketers, and retailers tell you they have (they also claim it's affordable yet it costs more than $50).Brands, marketers, and retailers have told women that mature skin is not beautiful, and if a woman wants to be attractive throughout her life she better plan on financially investing in layer after layer of over-priced regimens that keep skincare manufacturers rolling in the dough.

Why would we buy products from any company that is dedicated to making us feel bad about ourselves? Why would we spend our hard earned money at a company that pushes fear-based marketing? 

As a self-funded, woman-owned business Pure Energy Apothecary made the entrepreneurial choice to offer premium quality ingredients, effective and versatile formulations with prices suitable for everyday use. No one should have to compromise quality for price, everyone deserves access to food for the skin! 

Healthy skin is your best skin and that's all we make at Pure Energy Apothecary. Our versatile formulas are made to REMOVE the regimen and create skincare that is truly affordable. No nonsense, simply pure by nature!

Depending on the moisture level needed - the below four choices are simple places to start with health-focused skincare (no you don't need a regimen - one and done is a doable routine). All of our products are highly concentrated and a little goes a long way. 

Daily Renewal Here is a Pure Energy fan favorite often described as life-changing for super dry or mature skin. Discover intensive moisturizing care for the eyes, face, neck, décolleté, and anywhere else your skin needs a restart. For soft, supple, & healthy skin. Discover rich hydration to boost collagen production with plant-based anti-inflammatory ingredients, vitamin E, and ceramides. It will not turn back the hands of time but it will feed your skin the nutrients it's missing. MSRP $18 compare with other brands over $50. 
Whipped Butter Here's a product that does double duty! While it's praised for the relief the formulation offers dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, and sunburn those who use it regularly for eyes, face, neck, décolleté simply won't live without it.  Our whipped butter absorbs easily. Pure magic, so silky, so smooth, so creamy, so everything your skin has been waiting for! Real luxury infused with clean, plant-based ingredients, and zero chemicals. MSRP $22.50 compare with other brands over $40. 
Skin Oil  A great tool to lock in moisturize creating a beautiful barrier offering protection while nourishing and moisturizing even the driest winter skin. Our plant-based formulation keeps skin supple offering a clean source of anti-oxidants, fatty acids and vitamins. MSRP $20 compare with other brands over $40. 
All-Purpose Moisturizing Lotion  Again, no regimen needed here! This hands, body AND facial formulation is phenomenal for every day use. Carry a 2oz size with you wherever you go and re-apply if needed (or just because you love the feel). This formulation is full of nutrients, vitamins and plant ingredients that give you all the good stuff you skin wants! MSRP $15 compare with other brands over $28.  


So when someone asks you, what's the best anti-aging skincare out there you can let them know, anti-aging is a word made up by brands, marketers, and retailers. The concept of anti-aging diminishes your self esteem and separates you from your hard earned money. There is no such thing as anti-aging but there is such a thing as pure health! Healthy skin IS your most beautiful skin no matter your age.  

Here's to aging in health with you!

Love & Light, 


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