Natural, plant-based ingredients, and essential oils are highly susceptible to quality deterioration when exposed to sunlight or artificial lights. From the sun that comes through your window, to home lighting, and even store lighting, protecting our skincare products from light damage is a real concern. 

Have you ever left a bottle of your favorite lotion in your car, or purchased a product that was displayed near a sunny window only to discover that the ingredients literally separated and fell apart?

light heat damaged lotion

UV radiation and heat can break down the emulsifiers that help oil and water mix together. Too much exposure to light creates heat, and before you know it that favorite lotion smells funky. The speed of chemical reactions doubles with every 10°C increased. Many powerful vitamins found in plant-based products are rendered ineffective when challenged by light and heat. Ultimately, this means your products can go bad twice as fast, wasting your money.


How do you make sure the natural products you choose last as long as possible? Packaging plays a big part in the longevity of natural products. 



Clear glass and clear plastic bottles and jars should always be avoided as they put the ingredients at the highest risk of light and heat damage. Light and heat breakdown natural preservatives and put the products at risk for bacterial and fungal growth 



While a frost or tint are better options than clear, they aren’t perfect. Light is reduced however it isn’t truly blocked. Plus the darker tint of amber can actually hold the heat putting the integrity of the precious ingredients at risk of reduced effectiveness, reduced potency, and a shortened shelf life.


Keep in mind, recycling frost, cobalt, or amber products aren’t as widely accepted as clear or white light block products. Not all municipalities are set up for mixed recycling. Check with your area prior to adding a colored product to your recycle bin. A single unacceptable item making its way into a batch of recyclables can ruin the whole lot, and decrease the value of the recovered glass or plastic. 


Tested and proven with food, white light block is BEST at protecting the integrity and effectiveness of your skincare products, and offering the longest shelf life! Not only are all light and UV rays blocked, but white also keeps the ingredients cooler by reflecting the light. When it comes to recycling, white is the next best after clear, as it can become any color in the future. 

The only task left for you is to enjoy!

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