We Started this Company Because of Mom!

Many people don't know our backstory. 

We are a small, woman run company in Vermont and we produce 100% pure and natural skincare products: all-purpose lotions, whipped butters, cold-pressed soaps, salt scrubs, and soy candles. Why? Because of Mom and stories like hers.


Pure Energy Apothecary was inspired by our founder's mother, Shirley. Shirley was an active, healthy woman and was diagnosed with multiple cancers, Alzheimers and Parkinson's as she aged. As her family looked for what might have contributed to her illnesses, the first factor they could identify as a possible contributor was her skin care products. Dawn started reading ingredient labels and was outraged to see that they contained small quantities of known cancer-causing chemicals. As she looked for pure alternatives for her mom, herself and her daughter, the products that she could find were all expensive and out of reach. She questioned, “why does this cost so much?”


We operate with the mantra that chemical-free skincare products should be available to everyone at affordable prices and the quality of essential skincare products shouldn’t be compromised.

We’ve made tough choices in order to keep our products as accessible as possible. For example, we use minimal packaging to maintain affordable pricing. Not using glass makes our products 4 times more affordable for the customer! 

Ultimately, the proof is in the product: paraben-free, sulfate-free, versatile, effective, made in VT and lots of rave reviews from our customers! 

Our Founder Dawn Lancaster says, “The ingredients we choose for our skin care matter. Though it’s hard to pinpoint definitive links to disease from the environment, we can all do the best we can to minimize exposure to substances that really shouldn’t be in our everyday products!”

We're working to disrupt the clean beauty industry as we expand our presence in local boutiques & specialty stores nationwide. Find our products locally at Vermont retailers such as Hannaford, Adam’s Farm Market, Shelburne Supermarket, Jericho Market and of course online here at pureenergyvt.com

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