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    Pure Energy Apothecary has proudly partnered with Scotty the Medium to offer a brand-new, growing collection of spirit-inspired products. 

    Whether you're ghost hunting, investigating the paranormal, or simply seeking spiritual guidance through Scotty's evidential mediumship we have the tools you need.

    Scott Davis, also known as Scotty the Medium, is a psychic medium with a unique approach to his work. He is known for his evidential mediumship, which means that he provides specific evidence to his clients that proves that he is communicating with their loved ones in spirit.

    Scotty is also different from other mediums in that he offers FREE Spirit Led TikTok LIVE readings opening the experience to everyone. 

    In addition to his evidential mediumship and free TikTok LIVE readings, Scotty is also a community-focused professional. He is passionate about philanthropy, and he is currently using his subscribership to donate to families in need for the holidays. 

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    2 products
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