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  • We Started this Company Because of Mom!
    May 7, 2021 Dawn Lancaster

    We Started this Company Because of Mom!

    We’re all about creating clean, safe, & affordable skincare products now and for generations to come! Why? Because it’s important! Our Founder’s mother, Shirley, though she was a healthy woman, suffered multiple cancers as she aged and ultimately lost her life. We believe there’s a link to disease and our environment and it’s essential to minimize our exposure to toxic substances. We started our company because of Shirley and stories like hers.
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  • NEW: Luscious Lemon
    February 17, 2021 Dawn Lancaster

    NEW: Luscious Lemon

    In the spirit of spring's renewal we've answered our public's call for products that speak the language of renewal and a strengthened immune response.Our cold-pressed lemon essential oil products are therapeutic, clean, energizing and invigorating!
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  • NEWS ALERT!!! BEE the Light!
    February 4, 2021 Dawn Lancaster

    NEWS ALERT!!! BEE the Light!

    We're proud to announce the launch of our BEE the Light beeswax candle. 100% of ALL profits from BEE the Light sales will be donated to Vermont's Committee on Temporary Shelter. This candle features Vermont's own Bee's Wrap beeswax, is hand poured and made with recyclable/reusable glass vessels, and lit with an unbleached, all cotton, lead-free wick. Our candles are air quality and health focused; non-toxic, phthalate free and dye free. Each candle is finished with a hand-tied Bee's Wrap square.
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